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What’s the Deal With High Speed Train Crashes?

Hello all! Welcome to another edition of “What’s the Deal?”   The blog that discusses current events in a stuffy and nasal voice, while lubricating the conversation with dry humor.  In this week’s blog, China finds out how fast is too … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal with the British Riots? Are They the Trigger for a New Global “1968”?

Lit and thrown instead of “Shaken not Stirred.” Molotov cocktails and rocks were the weapons of choice as they rained upon Tokyo University as students and faculty joined together and battled University officials, administrators, and Japanese Police.  The students held … Continue reading

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What’s The Deal With the Irian Jaya Independence Movement?

Hello all, Welcome to a stunning 7th edition of What’s The Deal (I know, you thought I wouldn’t have enough material for 5 blog posts) the blog that discusses and explains current events through historical learning. In today’s blog we’ll … Continue reading

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