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What’s the Deal With America’s Decision on Syria?

Hello All! Welcome to another edition of “What’s the Deal”, the blog that doesn’t change its ideology based on economic interests (unless, you know, someone wants to make early retirement for me a reality). In this week’s blog entry, we’ll … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal With State Voter Registration Laws?

Hello all! Welcome to another edition of “What’s the Deal” the blog that feels that since it’s now being written in Washington, D.C., it should tackle a politically divisive issue. (Typing nervously…) In this week’s blog we examine the controversial … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal With Outrage in Romania?

Hello all! Welcome to another edition of “What’s the Deal?” the blog that knows Romania isn’t just about vampires. In this week’s blog we discuss the recent protests in Bucharest, the Romanian capitol, that have led to the resignation of … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal With Boko Haram and a Divided Nigeria?

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in posting, but we had to prepare to come to you live this week from our new offices in Washington, D.C.!¬† The relocation may be temporary, but¬†thanks to Regus, our offices can be anywhere … Continue reading

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